#JustDoIt – What Inspires You?

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What’s stopping you from being your best self? Did you know, the answer is YOU?

What if you decided TODAY to block everything that’s stopping you? Imagine the things you would accomplish. You have everything in you to get started. But you have to START!

Now trust me, I know it’s easier said than done. Simply putting on blinders and trusting without foreseeing the outcome … can we say anxiety! BREATHE, we’ve all been there. Don’t let that get in the way. You’ll have to work daily, but don’t worry I got you – Are you Ready? 💚

So I ask you again, What Inspires You? For me it’s – The Drive For More • Using Everything I’ve Been Given • Then Shutting IT DOWN!

Sooo I’m Doing It 💚📸 … Even on my not-so-best days, the days where I lack motivation and want to stay under the covers … I pull it together …

Which leads into this outfit inspiration: After a long week, the focus of this casual Friday ensemble was CHIC EyeWear. I chose my white, half-rimless cat-eyed frames, paired with a cozy, hunter green sweater dress and off-white pantent-leather loafers. The thin, multi-colored scarf added a extra layer of subtlety to the style. Didn’t even bother with makeup, filled in the brows and off to work.

Comfy, Effortless and Stylish … 😁😎😏 A new work week is here, I know where you are feels comfortable, but if you want more, Break the Cycle. You’ll be happy you did 💚💋


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