How Are Those Goals Coming Along Queens and Kings? Let me hear from you. How are your days going? (Good/Bad/Indifferent) Have you wanted or made any changes about you or your surroundings lately? I’m curious … drop a comment and let me know.

Tuesday’s over 🙌🏽 … What a gorgeous day for a walk. Chillen in my Fashionably Casual Salmon Shirtdress with a Baby Blue Skinny Belt, Off-White Loafers and CHLOE! ☺️ On my stroll, I came across the perfect spot for some ME time.

I envisioned my backdrop, found my angles and 📸

… it’s in YOU. Anything you want to do, is within your power. The saying of the day was “what are you going to do to me” (directed towards any type of negativity)? What could you possibly do to block this blessing? Nada! Zilch .. I want this and I’m not stopping. Every day is progress and I’m Loving All Of It 💚

Some days you have to be your own Photographer, Designer and Cheerleader👑

The belt sealed the deal for me 😍 Funny thing is most mornings I have no idea what I’m going to throw on but then,💥🔥💥 here we are!

Morning thoughts: is it gonna be a pants, dress or skirt kinda day … dress it is 😜

Natural • Serene • Subtle

Today was definitely a Love For Photography Day



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