Bring It, Own It, Wear It – Corporate Chic

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Week after week most of us are doing the same thing .. wake up, commute an hour or more, work for someone else for 8 or 9 hours, go home and do it all over again. Five days a week .. Sounds depressing right!? Guess what, do something about it. Turn those boring days up a notch 💃🏽

If ima do it, Ima look good doing it. I’m out here snatching goals and slaying at the same damn time💥💥💥 Here’s a recap of my last three Corporate Chic Styles:

Wednesday Friday Monday

“Corporate Chic”

i. for business meetings where you’re the only (black) woman in the room

ii. business breakfasts/luncheons

iii. afterwork networking events

iv. because I feel like it! 😜

More often than not, it’s the first 3 … but I do it all because I feeeel like it. I Dress For Me. You know that dance you do when an outfit comes together perfectly and it took minimal effort … yasss hunnie🔥😍 …

Let’s breakdown each ensemble:

Wednesday: Business Lunch

Open Blazer in Sunny Yellow from H&M

All Black, Soft V-Neck Dress from NY&C

All Black Suede Stilettos Pumps from Aldo

Friday – Business Lunch

Hunter Green, Diamond Print Set from NY&C

Black and White Snake Print Belt

All Black Suede Stiletto Pumps

Monday – Business Meeting

Mint Green Bodysuit from Eva Mendes’ Collection at NY&C

Grey Suit from H&M

Nude, Patent Leather Mary Janes

Yess to all of this 😍🔥👑. Didn’t it get you excited?! What excitement are you bringing into your week?

You’ll notice every style is accessorized with a simple ‘diamond’ post and necklace; natural makeup and hair pulled back. Simple. Chic. Ready to go.

Bring It, Own It, Wear It. I’ll say it again, you make the clothes!! ::snap snap::

Now that’s Motivational Monday!💚📸💋


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