Curls, Curves and Confidence – Can Do Attitude!

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As many of you know, over the last six months I’ve been experimenting with different crochet styles. From curls to Senegalese twists with beautiful golden brown hues. I’ve been loving all of it! But it doesn’t come without time and patience. My first challenge was learning to catch the little hairs from my outgrown pixie cut to secure my cornrows. You want the style to last more than two weeks before the braids fall out. But it got easier with practice.

Up next on my hair journey I wanted something new, exciting and versatile. The original plan was to go to sleek and straight using kinky braiding hair, the reddish undertone was a surprisingly nice addition. However, after several hours of installing about 5 packs of hair, my head looked like a lion mane and I wanted the simplest way to tame it. Three days, several trims and flexi-rods later, I made it work – curly. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I was proud of the outcome because I did it!

It was the perfect day for one of my favorites – a fuchsia pink A-line dress from NY&C and classic black pumps from Shoedazzle. Simple post earrings, no necklace – the HAIR and the dress was enough to wrap up this style. Bad from head-to-toe, rocking confidence everywhere she goes!

Confidence! A central theme to being SubtleChic.

Now don’t get me wrong, this style was super cute but a nightmare to maintain. Every night called for setting the curls in flexi-rods and dipping in hot water. The style was short lived because no one has time to do that every night. So after a couple of days it was in a pineapple bun to go to sleep. Whatever it looked like in the morning, is how it was going to be. And thankfully I was able to shake and go, didn’t turn out too bad 😉 …

Day 4 hair 👇🏽

Curly girls I don’t know HOW YOU DO IT. Much kudos to you! Stay tuned to find out how I switched this up without having to do a complete redo … 💚📸💋


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