Flash Black Friday:

Flashback Moment: Pre-teen Kim, bi-weekly trips to the salon for my wash, set, hot comb press and curl. Sitting for hours under the dryer then back in the stylists chair to likely have my scalped burned because I’d flinch as soon as the iron got to close. I dreaded it. Then one day, I get the OK to try a mild relaxer – hallelujah! (well at least at the time I couldn’t have been any more excited). I was substituting a potentially burnt scalp via hot comb for a chemical. Sure makes sense lol. My thought was, “what else can I do now – weaves? My edges are going be laid!

Flash forward to 2008: The Rihanna haircut happened …

… the second biggest hair change I’d experienced. Now that was a LOOK! Short hair, don’t care – I was in love. It fit me perfectly and the maintenance was manageable; trimming every 6-8 weeks with my touch up. Everything was going smoothly until January 2014 when my stylist decided to cut my hair opposite of what I desired. And it was my birthday weekend 🙄. I looked like a boy! But it grew on me …

Disappointed of course, that day I decided to be my own hair stylist. I’d never done at-home relaxers, so I first tested out transitioning to natural; a short-lived experiment before I was over it and went back to relaxers that December. I’ve had a few good hair days since then …

Protective styling began when I wanted to grow out my pixie cut just this past year. To YouTube I went for ideas and a new door opened! So here we go 💚📸💋

P.S. the short hair WILL be back some day 😁


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