Do you have one? I’ve worn long and short weaves, wigs and now crochet braids. I tried a natural TWA four years ago, but quickly returned to relaxers. I looked different each time, and yet I still ask myself “do I have a “look”? The thought crossed my mind after I detangled the kinky curls and wore a sleek bun for two days.

A friend said “this is your look”. Another said “I like it, but you look better with short hair”. I was not taken back by the comments but it made me wonder, did the other styles not suit me? Did they not look nice for my face shape? Thoughts went on and on. And suddenly I said ahh, who cares. Everyone will have an opinion. I loved every single one of those styles and I felt damn good every time I left my house. That’s all that mattered to me.

A few days went by, and it was time to straighten the HAIR. So I brushed out all the tangles with a denman brush, chopped off 3+ inches, made small sections, applied a heat protectant and used a heated hair brush I purchased from Amazon. (Major Key: use a low heat setting or you’ll fray the ends). My mood called for nice, bouncy wave curls so I followed that up with my 2” curling iron … and Voila!

That once in a blue time I shopped at ASOS and found this beautiful color-block dress

And a major throwback top from my Wetseal days which matched perfectly with my NY&C skirt.

😍😍😍 the outfit pairings spoke volumes to the overall look! With a face that can pull off just about anything. Moral of the story, there’s always going to be a select few that will pass comments, welcome them all.

The most anticipated trip of the year was approaching, Africa – Accra, Ghana, so this only lasted about another week until I decided to put my Senegalese twists back in … oh how exciting! Stay tuned 💚📸💋


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