When Doing the Right Thing Goes Wrong!

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It’s taken me months to write this post. A topic I kept delaying because I needed a clear and positive mind. I’m still angered at that thought of anyone willing to rationalize wrong behavior. Wrong is wrong! I naively still held onto hope that if I could just show them the truth they would understand how doing the right thing is better off for everyone.

Stuck in this mindset, I had to choose between being an advocate for the change I wanted to see, adapting to the toxic behavior or just remaining neutral to it all.

Consider this scenario…

You’re recently promoted and it’s your first week on the job. Your colleagues seem nice and you think the switch was a really good decision. A few months pass and the office dynamic shifts … the boss is aloof and offers minimal encouragement; there are two supervisors: (1) a boisterous “I got your back” type and (2) a wannabe who notices if you’ve been away from desk for more than five minutes; that all-inclusive team feel changes to cliches of gossip; the “cool kids” are still cool; and then there’s you, the newbie, the topic of some conversations because you rather avoid any opportunity to be roped into the drama. Your concern is just minding your business and getting your work done. Simply showing up and waiting until 5:00pm strikes .. desk organized, belongings in hand and you’re out the door – Goodnight!

More time passes and your decision to be immune to the nonsense has taken notice. The labels start to form – introverted, too much attitude, non-team player, etc. All because you choose to rise above the immaturity. Oh, but one day you can no longer move in silence and tolerate what’s going on around you. Not a huge spectacle, but word gets back to management there was a situation. Now on the defense, you need to protect the reputation you’ve built up to this point.

The twister: Management is fully aware of what’s been going on and agrees the office drama has to stop. It’s not the first time an instance like this occurred and now a pattern which includes this one person is forming. Political as can be they are sympathetic to me and assures my concerns will be addressed with said person. It’s at your suggestion to be included in the meeting to handle it. But what you weren’t expecting was the ambush. The agenda was to cease and desist the “bully”. But the situation gets turned on you and your character is called into question. The choice to stay to myself and away from the drama is being taken as an someone who lacks initiative and refuses to work well in a team.

Imagine giving 110% in work ethic to then be labeled as lacking initiative. AND better yet the one who “got your back” doesn’t stand in your defense. Needless to say you’re left in disarray. Ambition stolen. Trust broken. Respect tarnished. How did we get here?! Just trying to do the right thing and you end up being in the wrong.

Eyes wide open, you’re left with one option; a new one! You’re failed attempts at rising above the critiques, turning a blind eye and offering a solution for change made you more courageous and confident. Not allowing the hate of others to bring down your motivation for success!

I’m sure similar experiences have happened to many of you more times than we care to remember. Why, because we rose above it. Coming to terms with, “it’s not me, it’s them”.

I strive to do better and look for the same in others. It’s only natural for me to want to do what’s right. I commit to doing what is right even in fear of retaliation.

You’ll notice a few power words throughout this post: Character, Change, Courage, Choice, Confidence, Commitment and I’ll add one more – Communication. Seven (7) ”c”s I continue to develop on my path to greatness. I nearly allowed negative thoughts to paralyze my mind, but my spirit reminded me WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT! Its time to move forward. Your enemies are waiting to attack each one separately in your weak state. Collectively these words can form an impenetrable shield they’ll get tired of hitting up against. Stay strong!

A Powerhouse Woman with a New Look!

  • Bobbi Boss Crochet Microlocs
  • NY&C Ruffle Button-Down Blouse 
  • NY&C Trumpet Skirt 
  • Zara Suede Upper and Leopard Print Sling-backs

SLAY – hi hater!

God, I thank you for continuing to use me. Because of you I am here. Because of you I will do more 💚📸💋


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