Back from vacation, feeling very relaxed and looking sun-kissed …

Thursday’s are usually the days when I’m most in thought: What am I doing this weekend? Why isn’t it Friday yet? Is it time to go home yet? You know things like that while on my morning commute 😂

Still day dreaming about laying on the beach and that oh so awesome time I was Captain Kim aboard the Non-such Bay Antigua sailboat 😍😍 One week before taking these pictures I was smooth sailing on the beautiful waters of Antigua … take a look

Wow, just wow is all I have to say! I was so happy

You wouldn’t normally see me wearing pants for a whole week but I wasn’t in the mood for dresses. And according to my bi-weekly IG poll, Thursday’s nautical casual chic outfit was the best. Still given off captain vibes:

“Casual Chic”

i. Make your main statement with 1item

ii. A casual/relaxed look

iii. “Dress it up” with heels

Paired with navy blue ankle length pants, white short sleeved-shirt and patent leather loafers, this jacket makes the outfit because of its navy blue sateen lining 😍😍

You may have heard me mention this before, but stripes aren’t usually my favorite. So when I find an item where the stripes look simplistic, it’s a must have!

Chloe was the right choice for this look, with modest makeup and accessories. Topped off with a high-bun to keep it classy.

I purchased this jacket from NY&C last year (or the year before 🤷🏽‍♀️ I just popped the tag😄), but I wasn’t ready to wear it until this today. One thing you’ll get to know about me is I LOVE to shop; but I have to be ready to wear certain items. I don’t buy to just wear, I buy to style. Thought and purpose go into what I wear – and the execution amazes me every time!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll for “best outfit of the week”. Follow my Instagram and Facebook to be notified of the next one.

StayChic 💚📸💋

These posts are flowing through my fingertips like nothing! I have so many thoughts I want to share; but we’ll ease into that 😉

I’ll keep you up-to-date with topics that I hope peek your interest as much as mine. You might agree, you may disagree. In either case, just keep it respectful. There will be no tolerance for negativity .. A simple block, and you’re out of sight, out of mind!

So let’s begin. Here’s a good one that’s been on my mind lately, “how many of us are keeping it REAL”🙋🏽‍♀️? If you aren’t, is there any harm in being yourself? Take some time and understand “Who You Are”. You’ll likely recognize that you might not have it all together, and that’s OK! But let’s at least recognize who we are as individuals, and if there’s work to do, work on it! And make sure the rest of the world knows you’re trying. No one can be mad at anyone for trying to do better. Be your true self.

But let’s talk about those select few people who drive you batshit crazy but you can’t avoid seeing them .. the ones that try to steal your joy away .. TUH! 🙄 … yea them! When all you wanna do is tell them what you’re really thinking, but if you say something you’ll look like the bad one, while they’re innocent .. TUH! 🙄 Smile (optional!) and keep it movin’ folks. I choose to ignore fake people, because they aren’t worth the attention.

But watch your step, because in this “real” world, the ones wanting change, the ones offering the solutions for people to be better, get over-looked because the decision makers think the “cost” is too high 🎤drop … I’m offering change, but you turn it down. Funny how that works! How much is change really worth to you?

But this is the game we have to play with fake people. My suggestion, play better. Someone is going to get check-mate, and let it be YOU! Because when you’re keeping it real, there’s no time for games. Let’s Get This Work Done Queens and Kings!


Post inspired by today’s Spring Outfit SLAYAGE!! From Head-To-Toe:

Chloe Frames from GlassesUSA

New York & Company Items:

• Statement Necklace

• Sand Bell-Sleeve Sweater, with Hook Latch

• Sand & White Striped Palazzo Pants

Casual White Tank Top (anywhere)

Nude, Patent Leather Mary Janes from DSW

Yea She Ready! 💚📸 …