Welcome to DVine Photography! This page will draw insight into my LOVE OF STYLE and capturing every moment in front of the camera. From modeling classy and chic styles you can wear to work to a “SLAY ALL DAY” night out with the girls, you’ll learn what styles catch my eye at a reasonable price.

Shop with me at my favorite retailers, looking for that “I Gotta Have It” look. If you following my Instagram (dvine3033), you’ll know my #1 go to is New York & Company, but my closets don’t stop there 🙂

My key to fashion is subtly! You make the outfit, the outfit doesn’t make you.

Follow me as we dive into fashion as well as makeup/beauty and wellness.

Thank you for your support as I share my passion with you. Stay tuned for weekly blog updates and check my social media pages for daily fashion posts. Here’s a teaser of what I wore to work on Thursday, May 3rd 🙂